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Caramel Spice Chai

AU$ 10.49
100 g | 40 cups

Wayanad Cardamom Chai

AU$ 8.99
100 g | 40 cups

Spice Wreath

AU$ 16.49
100 g | 30 cups

Punjabi Masala Chai

AU$ 8.99
100 g | 40 cups

Kolkata Street Chai

AU$ 8.99
100 g | 40 cups

Ember Spice Chai

AU$ 13.49
100 g | 40 cups

Chai Collection

AU$ 27.00 AU$ 18.90 30% Off

Bombay Cutting Chai

AU$ 11.99
100 g | 40 cups

Assam Masala Chai

AU$ 8.99
100 g | 40 cups

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In India, chai is a way of life. However, for the rest of the world the best way to describe a hot cup of chai would be refreshing and delightfully milky. Chai tea originated in 16th century India, where it was a prime beverage savoured by emperors in courtrooms and while they relaxed in their sun-kissed gardens.

The Indian chai is a perfect mix of CTC, spices and milk. These three ingredients come together to create an aromatic yet flavorful drink that offers a number of health benefits. Spices like cardamom, ginger, tulsi (holy basil), and cinnamon are used in unique combinations to produce these masala teas that make refreshing palate-pleasers, especially after a long hard day.



The Indian Chai Journey

Chai teas are produced in all major tea estates in India. Whether you get it from the hills of Darjeeling, the lowlands of Assam, or from the Nilgiri range, every cup brewed from fresh CTC chai tea will bring you a rich, distinct taste that sets it apart from the other.

Chai teas, particularly the ones from the plantations of Darjeeling, offers a light-coloured infusion with a fresh, flowery aroma and taste. It's astringency and musky spiciness sets it apart from the other commercial tea leaves available in the market.

The Assamese chai tea, on the other hand, is grown near sea level, showcases a bright colour and is one of the best chai teas you'll ever taste. It has a malty flavour that goes well with a light breakfast.

The chai tea from the Nilgiris hills have an intensely strong aroma and is equally good in taste and quality as the Himalayan chai tea.



Fresh Healthy Tea at Your Fingertips

The Indian Chai tea is packed with all the medicinal values of the spices used in it and therefore offers numerous health benefits to its consumers.

Black tea is rich in antioxidants and forms the base for most chai tea blends. This helps prevent cardiovascular ailments. Other ingredients added to chai tea such as lime, ginger and cardamom are known to improve digestion, blood circulation, and respiratory problems.

Our chai tea collection hosts the best of Indian chai teas such as the

Kashmiri Kahwa chai from the north, Kolkata Street Chai and Assam Masala Chai from the east, Bombay Cutting Chai from the west, and Wayanad Cardamom Chai from the south.


Health benefits of Chai tea:

The Indian masala chai tea is more than just an aromatic spicy tea. It is brimming with nutrients that offer many health benefits including:

  • Boosting heart health
  • Improving digestion
  • Reduces nausea
  • Beats fatigue
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Controlling blood sugar levels


With the wide availability of chai tea online, you can easily purchase your box of chai tea and enjoy these benefits with every cup you make. The Assam masala chai and the Punjabi masala chai are a few varieties of chai teas that you must try.



How to make the famous masala chai tea

There is no single method to make masala chai. There are as many ways to make this spiced beverage as there are religions or languages in this country. However, there are some star players that remain constant in every recipe, such as cardamom and ginger. A cup of chai is the best thing to wake up to or enjoy after a day's work and if you want to add this healthy hot beverage to your diet, here’s a simple recipe you can follow. The Kolkata Street Chai is a great recommendation when trying the Indian chai tea. All you need to do is


  1. Empty the CTC masala into a pot of water and allow it to boil for 2 to 3 minutes
  2. Once done take the pot off the stove cover and let it steep for 5 minutes
  3. Add milk and sugar to the pan and bring to boil
  4. Once the milk has boiled mix in the tea decoction, stir and serve hot.


Another way to enjoy the famous Indian chai tea in its full authenticity is by crushing the spices yourself and steeping it along with the tea leaves. After steeping it for 5 minutes, you can add milk and sugar to it. A few spices you can consider using are ginger, cardamom, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg.